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Locksmith services for all businesses and offices throughout the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg areas no matter their size


Call our business locksmith experts for all of your commercial security needs, from installing new locks to upgrading alarms and more! Our nationwide team of mobile office locksmiths has professionals all over the Fayetteville area. We are prepared to service any of your company’s locksmith requirements.


Our locksmith company provides a variety of locksmith services for all businesses and offices throughout the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg areas no matter their size. Our office locksmiths can help you with any office locksmith needs, whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation. We collaborate with a wide range of companies, organizations, schools, stores, and corporations to ensure that your business is safe at all times.

Commercial Locksmith Fayetteville NC Service

The most frequent office lock repair services are as follows:

  • Key management systems
  • Installation of brand new locks
  • Installations of safes
  • Keyless entry lock installation
  • Installation of panic bars
  • Locksmith services for doors
  • Replacement of locks on filing cabinets
  • Systems for master keys
  • Rekeying locks
  • Security systems that limit access to certain areas
  • Installations of intercom systems
  • Professional installers will set up your security cameras and repair them if necessary.
  • Electronic keypads

We ensure the protection of your business

Our corporate locksmiths can ensure the protection of your business by offering high-tech security locks and cutting-edge CCTV technology, as well as other advanced security measures. In addition, we provide a variety of commercial locksmith services, including safe installations and safe-cracking and lock replacements. For businesses, our company locksmiths are experienced in the following:


Cabinet Locks

Changes to Filing Cabinet Locks

Despite the fact that many businesses are going paperless, some operations and activities that need the printing and filing of critical information will still require it. As a result, you’ll need metal filing cabinets with solid locks. Our office locksmiths can help you choose from a variety of filing cabinet lock service alternatives to ensure that your papers stay secure. If you’re looking for a cheap locksmith Fayetteville NC, we can not only do the best job but we also have the best prices around!

Cam locks are the most common locking mechanisms for filing cabinets. They have two surfaces and threaded bodies, with the lock housing being secured to the cabinet using a nut. The cam locks are secured by a horseshoe clip, while others simply snap into position. To open or lock a filing cabinet, turn the key clockwise or counterclockwise until you hear a click.

Locksmith Fayetteville NC

Services For Cracking Safes

In certain sectors, such as finance and accounting, safes are necessary. However, no matter how robust the safe is, unauthorized individuals can get access to it. Modern safes are equipped with a variety of locks including mechanical ones, electrical ones, and a mix of both. Many current safe manufacturers now utilize bump-proof locks in place to ensure there is no possible way for a criminal to use lock-picking tools.

When you are locked out of your office, having the number of a reliable locksmith is vital. It can save you time and money for it will take care of your problem immediately so that you get back to business as soon as possible. A trained specialist can open your safe fast, but keep everything else intact for you.

Cabinet Locks

Installation of Panic Bars

Panic doors are standard doors that our Fayetteville locksmith will also equip the panic door with a crash bar. The crash bar is a door opening mechanism that allows users to open the door by pushing the bar. Employee security should be a top priority in any workplace. The panic push doors have become the norm, despite their purpose.

The door’s push bar mechanism is activated when you pull the door towards you. A spring-loaded metal bar is positioned horizontally across the doorway and swings outwards as you push the bar. The door unlatches and swings outward to allow your staff to exit quickly when you press the bar. In today’s business environment, fire safety regulations demand that offices have panic-push door mechanisms. The push bar mechanism fits snugly onto any standard doorway (24″ to 36″) and is easy to install on new or existing office doors. Fayetteville NC Locksmiths offer custom-designed push bars that meet the style requirements of various industries.

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We understand that you want the best possible protection for your home. We can assist with any sort of master key system or anything else in between. Our team of professional locksmiths will make sure that your company is fully secure from top to bottom.



Every company has its own set of security demands and difficulties, as well as its own unique set of requirements. No matter how big or little your business is, Locksmith Fayetteville NC has experts who are trained and experienced to tackle any sort of security problem you may have.

After you contact us, we’ll start by performing a comprehensive business security evaluation to reduce your insurance premiums. We may also have some ideas for you to boost the safety of your company. Finally, our locksmiths in Fayetteville NC are educated to implement any of the recommended security solutions you select. We can watch over and provide your master lock system, which gives everyone on the team access. We handle internal doors, safes, desks and file cabinets in homes and offices. As a commercial locksmith with offices all across the country, we’re familiar with local safety standards that may necessitate the use of panic bars to allow for rapid egress. We can install locks on just about every type of door, from a single door to high-security doors. We can also install keyless and access systems, as well as electric locks and CCTV security locks.


Locksmith Fayetteville NC has the knowledge and ability to assist you in any situation. If you're the only one arriving at work one day, and you've misplaced your key, we can have someone there in minutes to assist you to enter and replace it. When a burglary occurs, it's an emergency situation for us. We'll dispatch someone to repair broken locks and re-secure your structure. If your company has been broken into, you need an experienced commercial locksmith that can guarantee a quick repair. We make a point of reacting quickly to calls and making sure there are no further intrusions at Locksmith Fayetteville NC. If you've been locked out of your company, we'll get you back in without causing any damage and with as little time lost as possible.


Any company, regardless of size or scope, needs a dependable commercial locksmith. You can't go wrong with Locksmith Fayetteville NC when selecting a commercial locksmith. We understand workplace security and how to keep your business safe from robbers and are here to be your one-stop shop when it comes to hiring a locksmith Fort Bragg or Fayetteville areas. We have a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of locks and security systems to guarantee that your business is totally secure. It's vital to have physical security for your company. That implies you'll need an office locksmith who can handle everything from start to finish when it comes to physical protection. Locksmith Fayetteville NC's locksmiths have been educated and certified to work with almost any lock system in the office. We manage master key systems, which provide many levels of access to employees at larger organizations. We can help you choose the lock that is appropriate for your security requirements, from the traditional deadbolt to drop bolts, Mortise locks, interior door locks, and even file cabinet locks. We understand that our clients need secure solutions for their businesses, and we are trained to evaluate and install the most cutting-edge security systems for every type of workplace. We stay up with local, state, and federal rules that necessitate workplace safety, such as panic bar laws that allow employees to flee in an emergency swiftly.




We have over 20 years of expertise providing exceptional office locksmith services to residents in the United States. We can provide you with an outstanding locksmith service for each of your locksmith demands, as we have technicians across the country. We can get you out of a bind right now because we have technicians all over the area.
You may rest easy knowing that when you need our expert locksmith services, you’ll be dealing with experts who are:

  • Our security professionals are highly qualified and experienced.

  • According to security industry standards, it has been licensed by a state-approved authority.

  • Mobile locksmith technicians who can come to your location.

  • Removing an ignition key that is smashed or locked

As your security partner, Locksmith Fayetteville NC can ensure that you’re working with locksmith professionals who will make your plant, industrial, or commercial the facility as secure as possible. And not just for that pricey equipment, but also for valuable employees.


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At Locksmith Fayetteville NC, we provide a wide range of office locksmith services. Our expert commercial locksmiths can help you secure your business with the most effective security measures possible.

Yes; our skilled locksmiths may replace and install new locks on all of your business office doors.

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